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business accommodation - the advantages from a company’s perspective


The fact that everything is so easily accessible nowadays is great news for companies. Not only does this present more opportunities than ever before, it also means that things can be done a lot quicker and professionals with various different skills and expertise can be drafted in whenever required.

Whilst having the ability to bring someone into your company from anywhere in the world is a massive advantage, it does mean that you are likely to be responsible for organising and funding their accommodation. Although this can be a massive expense for some, when done wisely it can actually be very cost effective and even offer many benefits.

Stick to one company –

Being loyal to one company means that they can get to know you, your company, any requirements you may have and even the guests you send to stay with them. Repeat bookings are much quicker and less hassle because any required information is already there. Booking different business accommodation each time means going through the same process again and again which can be very frustrating during busy times.

Save money -

Another great advantage of repeatedly using the same company is that you may get loyalty discounts. As well as this, if you are coming up to a period where you know you are going to have several people visiting the company, you can rent out a flat or house for anything from weeks to months. Having one place where your guests can stay means that you don’t have to book a different room every night which saves time and money. 

business accommodation windsor

Short-term lets for business accommodation are also very cost effective because guests have everything they need right where they are. With facilities to cook, do their own washing and entertain themselves, it means that you are less likely to incur additional expenses for the duration of their stay.

Familiarity -

If you have the same people visiting your company regularly then it is nicer for them to have a familiar place to stay rather than a different hotel room every time. If the people you are paying to work for you feel more comfortable and at home, then chances are that they are going to perform better in the workplace.

For more information about business accommodation and short term lets, please contact a member of the team at Accommodation Windsor who will be more than happy to help.


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