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Royal Windsor - a Guide  to Windsor accommodation, restaurants, shopping and Castle
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Why stay in Windsor when on business travel?

Whilst some people who have to travel a lot for work absolutely adore doing so, others find the whole process boring, frustrating and quite stressful. Whether you love it or not, chances are that everybody finds it a bit unsettling going from place to place because it's unfamiliar and you don't know anyone around you.

A brilliant way to solve this problem is to stay in the same location every time you're in a certain area. This way you get to know everything around you, what there is to do and you are also likely to meet locals or other people who do a lot of business travel.

A fantastic place to stay in this situation is Windsor, Berkshire. The first thing that this very famous town has going for it in this scenario is its proximity to Heathrow Airport. As the airport of choice for many embarking on business travel due to the fact that it offers more flights, more frequently to key business destinations, millions of people fly in and out of Heathrow every year.

Located about 10 miles away from Heathrow Airport, Windsor is the ideal place to frequent when on business travel. Whether you need an overnight stay before flying out of the UK or need a base when flying in, there are various different types of accommodation in this tourist hotspot to suit all needs.

There are many characteristics about Windsor that make it so popular with those on business travel. It is known as an affluent town which means that people are proud to be associated with it so many business meetings take place in the various cafes, restaurants and hotels located around the town.

Although Windsor attracts thousands of tourists every year, it never feels overrun and hectic. It seems to have a very relaxed, respected and friendly attitude about it which is what makes it a great place to be. Whether you are having a meeting there or are calling it home whilst on business travel, you can enjoy everything that normally comes with a tourist town without the feeling of it being overcrowded. 

Depending on the length of your stay and what your needs and requirements are, there are so many different types of accommodation in Windsor that there is definitely something to suit everyone. If you are looking for somewhere to stay whether it's a B+B, hotel, serviced apartments or short term lets, the team at Accommodation Windsor is more than happy to assist you with anything from deciding on a property to providing you with everything you could possibly need when staying with them.



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