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Why choose self - catering accommodation over all-inclusive?


One thing is for sure and that is the fact that everyone loves going on holiday. Whether it’s a treat once a year or you’re lucky enough to get away on a few annual trips, it’s the perfect time to relax, de-stress and recharge your batteries.

Whilst many holidaymakers automatically assume that all inclusive is the way to go, there are actually many benefits of self-catering accommodation that can contribute to a much simpler and hassle-free holiday.

Dietary Requirements

Many people have dietary requirements which can make eating out in particular venues rather difficult. Whilst vegetarians are now widely catered for, there are still a whole host of intolerances such as wheat, dairy and gluten that few restaurants consider. Opting for self-catering accommodation means that you are in control of what you eat and can therefore guarantee that you will be able to eat proper meals everyday without the stress of worrying what you will or will not be able to order.

Health Conscious

Nowadays you can’t escape all the news stories and warnings about how obesity and health problems are becoming major issues and as a result people are now a lot more health conscience than they used to be. Even though holidays are all about fun and relaxing, most people find that eating out three times a day, every day for one or two weeks can become a bit much. The joy of self-catering accommodation is the fact that you can enjoy home cooked meals most of the time and then go out to a restaurant when you fancy something different.

Eat whenever you want

All-inclusive holidays are restrictive in the sense that breakfast, lunch and dinner are only served between certain times. This means that if you want a lie-in, are out on excursions during the day or want a late dinner, chances are that you can’t. Going self-catering means that you choose when and where you want to eat without having to revolve your day around meal times.

Value for money?

The most common reason why people choose all-inclusive holidays is because they automatically assume that it’s the cheapest option. However, this isn’t necessarily the case because there is a huge mark-up on package holidays and a lot of the time people don’t even make the most of this facility. Chances are that you’re going to wake up late a couple times, be out during the day and opt to go somewhere different for dinner once or twice. This means that essentially you are paying to eat twice which is something you never have to worry about with self-catering accommodation.

With so many benefits of self-catering accommodation, it’s not surprising that more and more holidaymakers are choosing this option. With lower costs, increased flexibility and more freedom, what more could you want from a holiday?



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