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The best places to take a walk in Windsor

Famous for it’s beautiful scenery and spacious parks, Windsor, Berkshire is a great place to enjoy the summer months. With the temperatures starting to rise and the sun making it’s presence known, locals and tourists love nothing better than taking a leisurely walk in Windsor.

As well as being proven to have many health benefits, walking is a great way to get some fresh air, exercise and explore new places. With many great locations to discover from the most obvious to the occasional hidden gem, Windsor is a fantastic place to spend a sunny day.

Set in an area covering 4,800 acres, Windsor Great Park is the ideal place for picnics, cycling, horse riding and playing games. With so much land, even during the busiest times there is plenty of space for visitors to sit back and relax without being on top of other people.

Making up part of the Great Park is The Savill Garden. Not only a great place to take a walk in Windsor, this area also boasts one of Britain’s best ornamental gardens. Visitors can enjoy 35 acres of exotic woodland, wildlife aplenty and range of contemporary and classically designed gardens. This is a perfect day out for families, friends and couples who fancy taking a romantic stroll.

Those who are a bit more active and are looking for a more challenging walk in Windsor will love The Long Walk. Running from Windsor Castle to the Copper Horse statue on top of Snow Hill, the six mile round trip is a fantastic way to spend the day.

As well as enjoying the views along the path of double lined trees, visitors will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Windsor and it’s surrounding areas once they reach the top of the hill. Many choose to take a picnic with them to break up the journey and make the most of the sunshine while they are there.

Even without the parks and gardens, Windsor is a fantastic place to explore on foot. Visitors can pass the Castle, feed the birds along the riverside and even take a quick detour over to Eton College. With cafes, bars and restaurants lining pretty much every street in the area, visitors are never short of somewhere to stop along the way for a relaxing break. The only difficulty in taking a walk in Windsor is knowing where to start because there is simply so much to see.







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