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Royal Windsor - a Guide  to Windsor accommodation, restaurants, shopping and Castle
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River Thames

The River Thames is of course the reason for the existence of the Castle and hence the town of Windsor. The river is probably the best place to view the Castle, and from here it is possible to appreciate its strategic site. Best views of the Castle are from the Eton bank (cross the bridge and walk a few hundred paces into the open meadows for the clearest view).

If you're looking for more excitement, try hiring a self-drive motor boat or rowing boat from Kris Cruisers or Gamble & Logie Motorboats by the riverside. You can also take river cruises upstream to Maidenhead or downstream to Hampton Court with French Brothers. A favourite activity for younger visitors and residents is feeding the swans.

If you have your own boat, its possible to moor here overnight.
See this document all about boatyards and marinas: PDF FILE

Cyclists and walkers can travel along the Thames Path both upstream and downstream from Windsor.

Feeding the swans on the River Thames at Windsor

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Public Boat Trips
You can also take a river cruise with French Brothers who operate daily return trips from Windsor, as well as service trips upstream from Maidenhead or downstream fromRunnymede and to Hampton Court.

French Brothers boat trips from Windsor

Windsor Castle

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