What to See: Eton

Eton is located just across the river from Windsor, a couple of minutes walk from the Castle. A short walk down the attractive High Street will bring you to the famous Eton College, founded in 1440 by Henry VI. Eton college’s former pupils include 18 British Prime Ministers. Tours of the college are available, including an exhibition of the College’s history, and the oldest school room in the world. It’s worth seeing the interior of Eton Chapel, similar to King’s College, Cambridge – for views of the exterior, the best view is probably from Eton High Street. See the official Eton College website for more information.

It’s worth having a good look at the interesting array of shops as you walk down the High Street – mostly antique shops, art galleries and curiosity shops. Look out for the shop that sells nothing but teddy bears! The Cockpit Restaurant is the site of the 17th and 18th century cock fights, frequented by Charles II. There’s an original Victorian post box by the restaurant. The Eton Traders Association has its own Eton website.

Drivers should note that the bridge linking Eton to Windsor is for pedestrians only. To drive from one to the other you will need to head out of Windsor towards Slough, and then back into Eton! This fact helps to make Eton High Street virtually traffic-free.

As you cross the bridge, stop for a moment to admire the view of the River Thames, and to look at the interesting artwork created for the bridge by the artist Wendy Ramshaw: bollards and brass paving set into the bridge itself. There is also a “tower” bollard with a lens for viewing the High Street and the Castle. Look out for street entertainers on the bridge during the Summer.

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